Poetry from the pen of Pat Marsh

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ragamuffin Rumours

I tell you
it’s hard to know
what to believe
there’s a story flying round the town
that the Messiah’s been born
here in Bethlehem

would you credit it
right here
in this very town they say

and there are wild rumours
of angels
and dazzling stars
and choirs in the sky

it beggars belief

the Messiah
in Bethlehem

it’s only gossip I’m sure

let’s face it
the town’s bursting at the seams
with this stupid census
and no-one else
not one single person
seems to have heard or seen
this ‘heavenly announcement’

strikes me
maybe the wine’s been flowing
a little too freely
at all those family reunions

I have to say though
it’s certainly got folks talking

but here’s the rub
they say it started
with a group of shepherds
spreading the news

well I ask you
what a group of misfits and rogues they are
it has to be a hoax

the hope of Israel?
born in Bethlehem?
and a bunch of ragamuffin shepherds
the first to hear the news?

can’t possibly be true

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